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Whether you are going to be away from home for a day, weekend, a week or more, you need to consider the care of your dog. Your dog is a member of the family and deserves the best of care in your absence. In order to find a good and reputable dog kennel in San Antonio, you need to research the kennels in your area to know what they offer, examine their facilities, speak to their staff and know if they meet your needs. Finding the right kennel for your dog needs to fill you with reassurance that your dog is in good hands.

Amenities that a dog kennel may offer

Some amenities that a kennel may offer in caring for your dog in your absence may include a luxurious bath or possibly a full grooming, plenty of one-on-one attention, pet cams, clean pens, an exercise play area and some even offer special obedience training for your pet. You can rest assured that your dog will be well-cared for in your absence, look it bests as well as reap the benefits of special dog training from a certified dog trainer.

dog kennel in San Antonio is more than a doggie day care or day camp. You need to know that your dog is in good hands, in a clean environment, fed as instructed, receiving all the personal care that was guaranteed. Most facilities have doggie cams so that you can see your dog in their care while you are gone and know your pet is in good hands.

A happy dog is a healthy dog, feeling as good as he looks – with a well-mannered disposition. Dogs do indeed feel good after a bath and grooming, making it a feel good experience at the dog kennel in San Antonio.
Staff in a reputable kennel loves the animals that they care for and put their best interest at heart. The dogs get to play openly and one-on-one with their caretakers in order to give them the fitness they require while fulfilling their moments until the owners return.

Proper training is an important aspect of caring for your dog or puppy as well, since they are all in need of stability and structure. A kennel that also offers training your dog or puppy creates a very happy animal throughout other activities. The dog learns respect, knowing what is and is not expected of it without feeling exasperated from misbehavior or pent-up energies. Just as with children, dogs need discipline and organization in order to return to the owner as a happy and healthy pup, delighted in the owner’s return.

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Remember all of these should be fun for both you and the dog so keep your voice light and happy and enjoy your dog and all the new interactions you have with him.  Also, for a list of my group San Antonio Dog Training classes click here or give me a call at 830.981.5003.

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