Dog Training

Our Approach To Dog Training

San Antonio Dog training serviceWhen it comes to treating dog behavioral issues such as puppy training, dog leash assimilation, aggression, nipping/unwanted biting and separation anxiety, we are very confident in our personal dog training methods and canine expertise.
Pawsitive Solutions’ innovative and entertaining approach to dog training in San Antonio has always yielded amazing, long-lasting results and has earned the respect of many dog owners.
When you enlist your dog into one of our dog training classes, you can expect exceptional dog trainers, strategies, and tools to effectively modify all negative aspects of your dog’s behavior and redirect them to appropriate behavior.
This includes, supplying owners with the skills necessary to continue to shape their dog’s responses after his/her session at Pawsitive Solutions. This helps keep your dog’s training consistent and always delivers the best results.

In-Home Canine Training

train your dogIn-Home Training provides the perfect way to train your pet while also creating a lasting bond. It opens the door of communication between you and your dog and allows you to learn how to teach your dog basic commands, as well as, solve common behavioral problems.
The key to solving behavioral problems is to understand what motivates your dog to act inappropriately and figure out what the reward is for this behavior. Remember, we all repeat behaviors that are rewarding and avoid behaviors that are not. It is our job to modify their thinking and reward them only for appropriate behavior.
Plus, your home is the perfect environment for conducting dog obedience training because it is your dog’s comfort zone. By creating a focused, comfortable environment, Marlene believes dogs actually learn quicker and respond to training quicker.
In-Home Dog Training Rates for Dogs and Puppies
All packages include 3 Lessons. The first lesson lasts 1½ – 2 hours; the other lessons are one hour or a bit longer.

A three lesson training package for the following:

  • Locations up to 15 miles from my home.  $450
  • Locations over 15 miles from my home.  $525
  • At ‘my’ home.  $375

Group Dog Training Classes

Our Group Dog Training Classes are the most economical form of dog training in San Antonio. However, be advised, this option is not for every owner/dog. It is a very distracting environment, so please consult with us before signing up your pet.
Group Dog Training Classes run for six consecutive weeks. The first class is a two hour orientation without your dog. The other classes are one hour. Semi-private classes are also available. Get three or more friends together, and professional dog trainer, Marlene Ring, is happy to teach a class for your group at the location of your choice.