Positive Dog & Puppy Trainer in San Antonio, TX

marlene-ring-pawsitive-dog-training-boarding-solutionsMarlene Ring, CPDT-KA

My dogs have enriched my life, and I want to help you experience this same wonderful gift with your dog.

My mission is to help you be successful in building a better communication and relationship with your dog. Perfecting this positive dog training method has been my personal passion since 2000.

My training does not rely on punishment or force. Behaviors are taught using positive reinforcements, rewarding the dog for the behaviors that we want and redirecting the behaviors that we do not.

I often teach using a “clicker”. It is a small plastic box that when pressed makes an intriguing “click” sound.

Through rewards, the dog very quickly learns that whatever he is doing when he hears the “click” is good! He then understands the game and he is eager to perform to make the “click” happen again.

Certified Dog Trainer Certified Dog Trainer in San Antonio

Education and Certifications

Marlene is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Professional Premium Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). The Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers has high standards requiring 300 hours of dog training experience, references, and successfully passing a rigorous certification exam. CPDT-KA (Knowledge Assessed) maintains their credentials through continued education.

Marlene is a graduate of Pat Miller’s Peaceable Paws Intern Academy, Level I and II. The academy is one of the country’s most successful and comprehensive programs training dogs with gentle, positive methods. She also is an approved apprentice trainer for Animal Behavior College.

She is a member of  Therapy Animals of San Antonio and has had a Golden Retriever and an Australian Shepherd that were Therapy Dogs. Marlene has volunteered and fostered for the Great Pyrenees Rescue and has competed in Agility, Obedience and Conformation. She has taught Flyball and Classes for the 4-H Dog Project and is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.

In addition to her educational background, Marlene has completed the Red Cross Pet First Aid Class.

Marlene’s family consists of two rescue dogs:  Dakota & Bliss.

Start building a better communication and relationship with your dog!