Why We LOVE our Dogs So Much

Since it is Valentine’s Day time, I thought I’d write about “Why We LOVE our Dogs So Much”. I realize that this answer may vary from person to person, but in my dog training experience I have seen examples of enormous love from all ages, economic levels, and people in all stages of life. I […]

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Teaching Your Dog to “Potty” on Command

“Going Potty” on command is a very helpful tool for any age dog. Think about the last time you just wanted to go to bed at night and your dog was taking forever to “do his business” for that last trip out?  All dog owners want Fido to “Hurry Up and GO!!” Several years ago […]

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Sheltered In Place?

Stuck at home? Sheltered in place? How’s your dog doing? Has it become apparent that He needs some Training? PAWSITIVE SOLUTIONS CAN HELP! Although ‘In Home Training’ and ‘Group Classes’ are not possible during this time, ‘Board & Train” is still an option. This is a 2 week program includes boarding, training, a detailed lesson […]

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