10 Tips To Get Your Dog Moving

April 11th, 2023 by Marlene Ring

lazy_dogAs a San Antonio dog training authority, I know most of our dogs don’t get the exercise they need.

They usually sleep all day while we’re at work and once we get home, they get a short walk and maybe a little bit of playtime.

Hyper-DogThis might be enough for some dogs, but what about the rest?  These are the ones who start getting into trouble or become the “wild” dogs.

A dog that has a diverse exercise regimen will lead a healthier life and will also be a better companion.

fitness-dog-smiling_hExercise is known to increase endorphins (the happy hormones) in both dogs and humans.

Moving with your dog might also improve your own health and mood.

There are many different things that you can do with your dog to help them get a little more exercise.

 walking with dogTake him with you

 Walking or jogging with your dog is always a great start.

Group Play

play_recreation_dogsplayingHaving your dog play with other dogs is great exercise too.

Ask your neighbors and friends if they can bring their pets over or sign up for an occasional Doggie Day Care.

dogparksFind a Dog Park

Search for a quality dog park which is known to be safe and well supervised by the dog owners.

Here’s a Game

playtime with dogDon’t forget about the recall game. Call the dog back and forth between two people with treats as a reward.

It’s not only good exercise but also polishes his response for coming when called.

Hiding dogWhere Am I?

Hide and seek indoors or out is another way to  get your dog speeding from one location to the next as he tries to “Find Mama!”

Have a retriever?

dogparkIf you’re blessed with a dog that retrieves, build on this natural instinct.

Find objects that intrigue him rather than just balls.

Be sure he’s mature enough before you include household items such as slippers or keys.

Bungee on treeUse a Bungee

Tie a bungee toy to a strong tree and your pooch can entertain himself for hours jumping and tugging.

Go for a swim


Remember that many dogs love to swim in lakes and creeks or splash in plastic kiddie pools.

You can encourage him by tossing a tennis ball in the shallow edges and slowly throw it in the deeper areas.

Walking on trail

The Great Outdoors

Visit www.texashiking.com for great walking trails that you can take your dog on.

Maybe turn it into a camping weekend.

Have a Bike?

Biking with dogGently introduce your dog to a bike and work on him walking and then jogging next to you.

It is important that the dog realizes that you are out for exercise and not for him to sniff so you are both safe.

Fly ballDo a Sports Class

Participating in dog sport classes can be lots of fun.

Treibball, flyball, frisbee, agility, herding and dock diving not only give your dog the exercise he needs, but he also gets a lot of mental stimulation.

He’ll never know……

happy dogAll these exercise suggestions are training in disguise and will help the quality of  you and your dog’s life.

His behavior will improve by managing the excess energy and keeping him in shape.

Doing Your Part

Mixed race woman playing with dog in park

It’s up to the owner to keep these exercises fun.

Your dog may not enjoy every one of these activities.

Not a problem! Move on to the next idea.

And as always, make sure you give your pooch time to cool down after exercise.

Start building a better communication and relationship with your dog!