The Importance of Early Puppy Training

July 27th, 2023 by Marlene Ring

training puppyTraining starts the day you bring that new pup home. It used to be thought that dog training couldn’t start until the age of 6 months.  I start training at 8 weeks.

As soon as your puppy arrives at his new home…He’s learning! Now is the time to teach him what you ‘want’ and ‘expect’ from him. How can he know if you don’t teach him.

Starting-your-puppy-off-rightPuppies ARE capable of learning at any age. Start now and you can avoid behavioral problems from happening. You want to be a step ahead of their development.

For example, you don’t want your 65 lb dog jumping on you. So begin early when he only weighs 15 lbs. Work on jumping BEFORE it is an issue.

puppy trainIt’s all about Managing your puppies behavior and preventing him from doing undesirable things. Remember to reward behaviors that you like.

Early training consists of potty training, socialization, basic commands, with lots of playing and positive interaction.

I’d like to introduce you to Gauge.

He is a 9 week old Texas Blue Lacy puppy.  Dogs at this age are a learning sponge – that is why Gauge’s Mom & Dad decided to get the ball rolling and help him start learning now.

In this video, Gauge is learning the following:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Go to Your Spot
  • Waiting Before going Outside
  • Walking Heel-to-heel
  • Stay/Come

As you can see, Gauge is catching on nicely and is on his way to being a great addition to his family!

Yours can too!

Puppies are Great! Enjoy this special time and don’t wish it away. A little training can go a long way. It is a fun time filled with memories that will last for the life of your dog.

Start building a better communication and relationship with your dog!