Keeping Your Dog Safe at Easter

March 24th, 2016 by Marlene Ring

Easter is just around the corner!

For me, it brings up fond memories of waking up and running outside to the front steps to see what the Easter Bunny had brought. My favorites were jelly beans, the big chocolate bunny and those delicious marshmallow peeps.

Easter 1I would put on a colorful new dress for church and, then, it was off to Grandma’s. The whole family, dogs included, would race enthusiastically around the yard while the kids tried to scoop up as many eggs as they could during our annual Easter egg hunt. I’m not sure who had the most fun, the kids or the dogs.

It was my Mom, though, who kept alert and watched to see that all of us stayed safe throughout the fun and games.  She knew that, as with most holidays, changing the daily routine could pose dangers for her children including the four legged ones.

Easter-lilyAs much fun as the Easter celebration is for the whole family, a little planning will ensure that your pets have a safe holiday.

One peril that is easily overlooked are the beautiful Easter Lilies that decorate many homes at this time of year. They are extremely poisonous to pets and should be kept out of reach. Even the pollen can be very dangerous.

CarrotsUnfortunately, the sparkling Easter basket and all that it contains can be a potential source of danger to your dog too. The basket, itself, as well as the Easter grass, plastic eggs, candy wrappers and small toys can damage the intestines or cause choking if ingested.

BasketChocolate is poisonous to dogs and other candies, especially in large amounts, can make your dog very sick. These risks can be handled by simple management and supervision. Children might be responsible enough to secure their baskets, but if they forget, parents should put them up in a safe place.

While enjoying the festivities, remember that dogs love to go overboard, especially when you’re not looking.

Try and stay one step ahead of them and keep your eyes open for any unforeseen dangers of this colorful holiday.

Have a wonderful Easter!

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