Tips to Help Your Dog during Back to School

August 31st, 2023 by Marlene Ring

back to school dogBack to school is upon us as summer comes to a close. We spend much time preparing our children (and ourselves), yet this transition also affects our pets.

The freedom and attention received during summer vacation abruptly ends at the first day of school.

Without warning, schedules shift and playmates of summer suddenly have new interests and friends. All of this can create a great amount of stress and fear in our pets which can affect them in many ways causing behavioral problems such as chewing, soiling in the house and excessive barking.

sick dogMore serious health problems can also occur with your pet such as vomiting, diarrhea, skin problems or eating problems ranging from not eating at all to eating strange objects such as gravel, dirt, plants, toys, etc.

Here is what you can do to help these important members of your family?

Dog-SchoolTake It Slow

Where possible, make changes and adjustments slowly, over a period of time.

If Fido will be in the crate when the kids go back to school, start putting him in the crate slowly for shorter periods of time before the big day.

dog chew toy

Keep Them Busy

Make sure to provide toys or chew sticks to help occupy his time alone.

sad dog with food

Keep Their Routine

Avoid abrupt changes especially in eating and diet habits.

The first week of school is not the time to change either the time of feeding or type of food.

dog-schoolWhy not Take a Dog Class?

This is a great time to brush up on obedience.

This time together will also offer mental stimulation and provide some bonding time while adjusting to the new routine.

dog calendarPut Them on the Schedule

Soccer practice, cook dinner, do homework….

…… a stimulating activity with your dog.

Let Them Join In

Let your dog spend time with your kids while they do homework, practice the piano or read a book for school.

Not only will it help your dog, but your kids may enjoy homework time more since they have a friend to share it with.


Give Them Lots of Love

Finally, give your pet the most love and attention you can.

Reassurance through regular walks, exercise, playtime and grooming will help your companion make a much smoother “back to school” transition.

Start building a better communication and relationship with your dog!