Tips for Moving with Your Dog

Whether you are moving a long distance or just around the block, moving is almost always a chaotic venture. Boxes everywhere, so many things to plan and take care of on both ends, clutter and moving trucks. I have a lot of experience in this area being a part of a military family. Having no […]

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HEALTHY Treats for Your Dog

I don’t know about you, but the more I read ingredients in my dog treats the more I worry. What is all that stuff we can’t pronounce? Sure, some are vitamins and minerals that should be in our dog’s treats. But isn’t it much better to get all of those nutrients from the original source? […]

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Teaching Your Dog to “Potty” on Command

“Going Potty” on command is a very helpful tool for any age dog. Think about the last time you just wanted to go to bed at night and your dog was taking forever to “do his business” for that last trip out?  All dog owners want Fido to “Hurry Up and GO!!” Several years ago […]

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